Thursday, July 07, 2011

Phone Hacking, The Entire British Tabloid Could Be Complicit

In 2007, it started in the financial sector with a run on Northern Rocks. Analysts then told us it was first of such in over a century; but it was to bring the entire sector into public scrutiny, disregard and mistrust. It instigated a review, enquiry and a change that is yet to be seen. Believe me, it will never.

Fast-forward two years down the line, the Members of Parliament (MPs) who were in the fore-front of chastising and lay out new rule the Bankers would operate by, were found foul of the same disappointing mess. They have been pilfering from the purse, although in a smaller scale in comparison and had been using it wastefully like the bankers. What with Moats, mortgages, travels, dinnings, etc?

Again, like the financial sector, as their law-enforcers the MPs became mired in the mud of their own fouls, the review, enquiry and change is halfway done. And believe me, it will never go any further.
Like a calculated prophecy, 2011 has seen the fulfilment of the fall of the third dragon; the Media [note that these events make a start months before]. Being the watchers of the other ones and having been in the lead in exposing and painting the previous two as red as blood with screaming sensational headlines, isn’t it appalling, disappointing and deeply disturbing to see that the media have been shoplifting from the purse of trust?

However, the mistake would be to focus on just one of them; the News of The World, part of the Murdock media empire.

In the previous two sectors, it started with one but majority were complicit in the end. The same is bound to happen here. Everyone must watch their reaction. As BAD as Murdoch may be or appear to be, this evil would not only destroy his media holdings. In fact, it may destroy others. Let the full inquiry began.

It was Northern Rock, but expanded to include almost all banks. It was Tory Derek Conway MP [for Old Bexley and Sidcup] but expanded to include almost all MPs. Today, it is the News of The World; and bet you, by the speed of it, might engulf the tabloid sector.

And for those who are reaching judgement, those pulling off their adverts, there may soon be no one to advertise on.

The worry though is; which sector is next? What dragon would fall next?

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