Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Terrorism Only Synonymous With Islam?

Anders Behring Breivik
Over the weekend, Europe witnessed yet another mass terrorism and waste of tens of young lives in Norway. As the frantic rush for safety began in Oslo that morning, all suspicion yet again focused on the usual suspects – Islamic terrorists. But this time, the suspicion is wrong.

It is wrong for all reasons, sensible or not. Thus that suspicion is only likable to the unguarded killing of Osama bin Laden; to the mass arrests of Asian-looking young men in the aftermath of 9/11; to the stop-and-search assault on young black men in the UK in the early 2000s; to the comparing of HIV to only gay men.
Because when the authorities and individuals exclusively accuse a particular sect of the society of an issue or even worse, assign blame to that group for an issue, the result is usually what we witnessed in Norway over the weekend.

Since the September 11 attack on the twin towers in America, the Western world’s Security and Intelligence has focused all its energy on the Middle East and made Islam the culprit.

The outcome of these stereotyping is that real dangers happen right under the nose of the authorities. It is because since terrorism is expected to come from a particular side of society, other parts of it not included henceforth goes free.

Anders Behring Breivik would have travelled through any airport that day and not be stopped as I or as a ‘Mohammed’ would have been. This Norwegian could have walked up the streets of Oslo with bulging bags or rucksack without police looking him up as they would have done to an Asian-looking man of the same age. But here we are.

Yet, the authorities and their cohorts in their Western media have quickly adapted their language refusing to brand this ugly, wicked and horrible act as terrorism. What hypocrisy is that?

There will be no solution to the many problems that continue to plague our world unless the authorities stop the institutional stereotyping. There will be no end to the evil that is set to destroy us because it can come from any side.

Terrorism has no colour, no tribe, no religion, no political affiliation and not even a social stratum. Fairness and equality should be power button for security and intelligence just as it must be in the centre of everyday dealings in our society.

The world is watching and the usual-suspects are seeing and observing the one-sidedness of the authorities in how they deal with the Norwegian event. Every sentence, every response, every choice of words; all is being noted and the only thing it does is increase the animosity. Justice must have no tilting equilibrium.

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