Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama Sets Clear Pathway On What Next Election is Fought On; Cameron?

It seems Barrack Obama’s ambition for a second term is working out for him. Because just as American politics is turning the sharp bend into another ferocious contest for the Oval Office, the man most analyst were wondering if he could be a one-term president seems to be hitting the jackpot: killed Osama; at least, after as we are meant to believe for now… to infinity until instructed otherwise.

Going on with that, he has followed it up with a stubborn decisive strategy to pull out of Afghanistan. And not just pull out, but in just about two years.

The America president seems to have identified his luck; and is doing all within his power to use all available stakes. These two actions alone, it seems, would buy him a huge pack of votes from many Americans most of which would prefer that their government is not warring anywhere.

I can see the ‘Yes, we can!’ slogan returning and the forthcoming campaign focusing on security. Opponents may try to pitch it on the economy but with a seemingly progressing security campaign – at least succeeding on the path of leftist agenda – Mr Obama is bound to assure liberal Americans that money saved from the reduced military missions can boost the economy; clever git.

Funny enough, on the other side of the pond in the UK, David Cameron is not as calculating as Obama. While he has laid out a withdrawal strategy for 2015 – which we know was done cautiously not to annoy the US – Obama has trumped him to want to pull out a year earlier.

Nevertheless, Cameron would be hoping to fight the next election on the economy and he might get his way. However, that would solely depend on two things;

  •           If – which is highly likely – would  end all the deep cuts to the economy by the end of the third year of this parliament; and
  •           If the Labour party fail and continue to oppose with no clear alternative policies

A third factor would be reliant on if Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are still in the Coalition to that time.

As Obama sets the tone, pace and platform for the next election with clear pathways, the impact on the UK would tell an unexpected story by 2014.

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