Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Coalition Government ; Time To Reshuffle

Frm L-R: Education Sec Gove, Business Sec Cable,
Chancellor Osborne & PM Cameron
Well, one year after the Coalition government came into operation in the UK, one is reflecting on the bumping drive and how aching everyone is.

Agreed that they don’t have a mandate – well, a campaigned one – it should have given them a leeway to do just about anything after all… and they have towed that path.

Yet, what has been more clear than a spring water is the fact that some or most of the Cabinet members seem to be very inefficient – mind you, inefficient, not unintelligent – even in filling that blank canvass.
Gove has yet to understand the education system; Osborne is stuttering in the dark about his economic policy. Vince Cable used to the Saddam Hussein style claiming to have a WMD… and you know the result.

Anne Milton spoke too fast; even a mother shouldn’t threaten to withdraw milk. Liam Fox is showing more leadership than the Prime Minister (love him); Ken Clarke passed the bill before he brought it to the house.

Nick Clegg thought Proportional Representation would be too much to ask for; Danny Alexander is using threats instead of negotiation with public workers.

David Laws’ (now Ex) and Chris Huhne’s pasts caught up with them. If you ask me, its high time the Prime Minister reshuffle the Cabinet. Or it could be less difficult if he put more efficient people in these positions. Andrew Lansley? Well, that’s an entire book of personal reform on its own. So dangerous even the Prime Minister isn’t quite sure how to wriggle out.

The records of these men so far are just woeful. Sometimes one wonders if they are not overwhelmed at the responsibility they are charged with. The only thing they speak with certainty is using past government as excuse for never actually getting anything done.

We have lost track of the U-turns; Milk for Children, Forest sell-out, Military reform, Discount for offenders,  Nuclear weapon to destroy Murdoch and the list goes on.

On the NHS, it has been a maze of indecision; U-turn, suspension, another U-turn, a Pause, Play, then rewind, Fast-forward, Pause again, Suspense; CONFUSION!!! No one can tell where we are on that for now.

In all, after one year of trial by error, it could be time to get down to work; own a diary, set out what to do, engage with their policy think-tanks (or discard of them), devise strategies and go one-step-at-time.

Making hasty decisions, like the discounts for offender makes the population think that these men go to Cabinet meetings from the pub… I wont be surprised from where; even the Bullingdon club.

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