Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UK Oversea AID Is Waste Of Resources; Liam Fox Is Right

Although I come from a developing country, it seems completely a waste of resources and money for the UK and other international donors to continue to operate international funding to developing countries in the way it currently does.

The Defence Secretary, Liam Fox is absolutely right in disagreeing that the UK should pursue to meet the 0.7% of GDP target the government wants to see aid money reach. It beggars belief that the government gives aid at all, let alone up to that amount.

The evidence in our face shows that these monies given to the various the crippled and kleptomaniac governments of the so-called developing countries are diverted into the accounts of individual officers running these governments. Take my country Nigeria for example, for the last 4 decades, all the heads of state and ministers have left office as billionaires and none of these men can show how they made their money.

Back into that country, roads are death traps, electricity is a luxury, education is a wish and hence still heavily paid for, school libraries are just skeletons and the concept of public libraries is an imagination.

Lets go to Niger Republic just north of Nigeria; housing is rocket science
and futuristic hence it may not happen in the next century, road are non-existent, clean water is almost a fairy tale and healthcare has not even been conceived.

In South Africa, treatment for HIV is yet to reach people living with HIV; in Sudan, refugees are still dying of hunger, in Northern Nigeria, children are still without teachers, in Sierra Leone, towns and cities are yet to rebuilt to normal since the war ended.

In Libya and Egypt, we now know that Gaddafi and Mubarak used the military aid the USA gave them to keep their people slaves while enriching themselves.

I can tell you more… which developing African or Asian country is better. India? Bangladesh? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Zimbabwe? Kenya? And the list goes. All the above country can survive on their own considering the money they make in oil, tax or other government income. If they cant use those right, how would they use free cash well?

If the UK government and all other international donors really – and I mean REALLY – want the hard earned taxes of its citizens to yield a rewarding and satisfying result, then its time it reviews how this monies are handed out.

But to be making those donations to the many deceitful and fraudulent governments is ridiculous and makes the ordinary poor person in those countries wonder what the motives behind the donations are. Giving these monies and turning a blind eye to how they are used makes me and all other affected people suspicious.

Donations that will impact on the people that need them can go directly to charities or even better, reduce the tax people pay in this country. Because for less tax, then more giving to charities who would surely use the monies to directly help people.

But ask me again, the answer would be: show them [developing countries] how to catch fish, stop giving them fish to eat.

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