Monday, May 09, 2011

Uganda Is Defying The World To Pass Anti-Homosexuality Bill Into Law This Week!

There is fire on the mountain. Uganda is hell-bent on passing the devilish Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law. And that is happening as I write this; in fact, the next you may hear is that gay & lesbian people in Uganda are being sent to jail (if not to the gallows) using that Bill-turned-into-law.

Please act now!

Sign a petition here with us. And please pass it on to friends, contacts and anyone you know!!!

This must stop! And there is no time to wait let alone waste. The Bill was discussed today in Ugandan parliament and there is a rush to pass it into law before that parliament goes on break by end of this week. Please, dont hesitate; sign here now!

Contact me if you require more information.

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