Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Killed: Should We Worry At The West's Trend Of Killing Without Trial

The show of excitement this morning by the United States of America on the announcement that it has killed Obama brought most of us in the West out of sleep in a jiffy instead of the slumber of waking up that characterize us.

Although some news report (see last paragraph) has it that the actual news took place over 24 hours ago (Sunday morning, Pakistani time), it was only on Monday morning (UK time) that we heard it.

My first question is the identity. But then if it has been kept for 24 hours, it seems likely that identity has [hopefully] been ascertained.

However, while most politicians in the West went on about a day of victory, great relief or comfort for families affected by 9/11, what bothered me so much was the absence of any thought on this style of killing. Even worse was the absence of any objective thinking on that pains [of the 9/11 affected family] and if truly the killing of another, duly assuages and wipes that pain. Far from it.

It will not replace their pains nor fill the vacuum created by their lost loved ones. It will not reward them with a blank memory to forget the very love they miss from their own who was taken away prematurely. The death of a killer will only satisfy at the moment of the news but the pains the killer inflicted will linger on forever. If you ask me me, that does not in any way comfort anyone on the overall.

The powerful West, mainly America imbibes on wanton killing whenever it wishes and deems fit. But such is really dangerous for all of us both the innocent, the suspected and the guilty.

For those of us living in Britain, especially of black or other ethnic minority group, it was until our innocent family members was being harassed by police. Fellow young Black and Asian men being hounded and detained for no reason let alone established evidence. It was then that we realised that [such] unchecked power for the police was dangerous. Verdict: we are not always bothered until it directly affects us and become the victim.

Those who lost loved ones and or wealth in the terrorist attacks linked to Osama Bin Laden or any other, may pose the above question to me too… But while I can only imagine their pains and try to understand their feelings, it is no valid reason to support this jungle style judgement. It is dangerous because next it could be even them or me.

Evidence abound that using power discretionally as such, end up affecting everyone else. Because it will soon become absolute power; and absolute power corrupts.

If you require more evidence, check the dossier of [past and present] inmates of Guantanamo Bay. Some were picked up randomly, incarcerated for months or years before they were let free because there were/are not evidence to prosecute them.

Also, Saddam Hussein started out that way; so did Hitler. Gaddafi isn’t an exception, nor is Mugabe exempt. Yet these men especially in the modern world; Saddam, Gaddafi and Mugabe were initially supported by the West until their wanton superiority turned into absolute power.

In fact, up until end of 2010, Gaddafi was still receiving millions in military aid from the US who today are leading NATO airstrike against him. The US supported and praised Gaddafi’s rule as checkmating terrorism?
For all we know, Osama has claimed glory for the attacks linked to him. Yet, the likelihood that he actually perpetrated them may swing to either side. We may not know the truth again.

While terrorism is unacceptable, any act that fell foul of fair hearing and prosecution is also on the same pedestal. This is because their definition is one and the same. Terrorism is the act of killing or bringing unwanted fear; so is killing with trial.

Today its Osama, tomorrow, it may be the ordinary person on the street. United States should review its powers and how it uses it. But I am sure that will not happen until once again in years to come, we all becomes victims of this very power that is supposed to secure us.

Jungle justice belongs only and exactly where it points to: in the Jungle and senselessly practiced by the dwellers of it. 

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