Monday, May 02, 2011

Could Locating Osama Had Began The Downfall Of Gaddafi?

Gaddafi and Blair: when the going was romantic
Right up until 2010, the UK and USA praised and cheered Colonel Moumar Gaddafi as one of the only few rulers in the Middle East and Arab world. The relationship, records had it that the US funded Gaddafi’s military to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what went wrong? Where did it go sour and how have we ended up where we are today?

Gaddafi was seen as the best to checkmate terrorism hence the military funding. His style of government was a fallout of that money. He ruled with iron fists and kept his people, especially the youth well under control through oppression. But there is always an end to every honeymoon.

The locating of Osama bin Laden in August might have been the turning point. According to President Barrack Obama of the United States, American has tracked Osama for near 4 years but last August, it had the final confirmation of his main location and identity.
Thinking about this, it seems that Gaddafi’s mission has been accomplished or deemed over. The great West, mainly American might be thinking now that she has her target and paying Gaddafi is no more necessary. This could also be related to Egyptian Mubarak who was also in the same role of checkmating terrorism through oppressive rule and which the democracies of the West turned a blind eye to all the while.

But a cursory look at the Arabian and Middle Eastern countries going through freedom protests at the moment indicates that it is the same old ones that were considered strong to fight terrorism. Does that then ring a bell as to the reason for that? How did they suddenly all reached their ‘use-by’ date?

A little suspicion makes me think that we are at a ‘change of guard’ time. If Osama has been identified and terminated, it is time to give power to the likely other rebels so as to keep them happy [with local power]. That way, use them to fight the next generation of rebels.

Well, time up Mr. Gaddafi, today’s event, America’s success on the reason for your partnership, means the end of your contract. It would be best if you give up; try to get them to sign one more deal for you; not to face the gallows. But I doubt you would get that deal. May be, you would have to also go and live on the sea to guard Osama who has been buried in it. But surely, your ‘use-by’ date has come and gone. Adieu.

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