Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who Says The Liberal Democrats Isn’t Significant

At the start of the coalition, most people, even I, thought that the Liberal Democrats would barely have an impact in the government. Apart from the believed sale-out, it was thought that the party has become a second-fiddle to the Conservatives.

But wait a minute; whose opinion is it that is now ‘saving’ the NHS or delaying its untimely death?

Since the Lib Dem’s Spring Conference at which the party’s grassroots voted against the reform of the NHS, it has been a different ball game.

Prior to that event, the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley thought he
was on a free-wheel. His roller skater was spiralling out of speed, even flying. The Prime Minister was getting the needed night sleep and signing documents without a second thought. But then the Libs struck: the conference voted against a near-successful reform.

Since that vote, the reform has seen more to being reformed itself. The confusion has sent things into limbo and the smooth travel had become a rough skidding.

May be the Liberal Democrats grassroots will see this as a victory and one thing they can cherish as being in power. So fire on Libs, may be, after all, there is an advantage for having you there… even as a mole as it appears to seem now.

But would it really save things? Or would it put them through an otherwise ardous suffering death? The NHS at it stands could be wishing a quicker death than this death by strangling. But may be, there is a saving nonetheless.

Bu the end shall tell.

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