Saturday, March 12, 2011

UK Census; Be Sure To Be Counted!

The UK Census has begun. You would [soon or may] have received a questionnaire through the post. Please make sure to complete this and include everyone in your household. Household does not mean only family relatives: lodgers, tenants, friends, servants, nannies, au pair; everyone that lives in the same house should go on the list.

You can request additional forms. But if you can use Facebook (or able to read this blog), then, you may as well complete form online and not go through the hassle of asking for additional forms, etc.

You don’t have to fill in the entire form for those household members. You can ask each to fill in their part. But if you’re the first, you can complete the general session about the household which is very simple.


Being counted matters a lot. The returns in benefit is immense. Local authorities, education, health, policing, transport and whole range of public facilities, services and support are
provided based on data collected. So by knowing how many people that live in the country, the government can work their maths towards service provisions down to the local Ward level.

And at this time of CUTS, being counted matters more than ever. Any undercounting will mean that government will cut deeper because it represents few people than are thought. But also as GPs take over the Commissioning of healthcare services, it is expedient that numbers in their communities by being counted ensures they get the exact needed cash and deliver the right programs.

So do fill that form and make sure you’re evident in the data that controls what your local area gets or not.
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