Friday, February 11, 2011

Prisoners To Vote? Give Me A Break!

If you ask me, what prisoners need is the freedom to go where they like, to attend their children’s weddings, birthdays, graduations, be there to support their parents, go shopping when they want, go out with their friends for drinks, clubbing, tea  and a host of other personal freedoms that matters.

But to vote? Give me a break.

The problem with the society ]we live in] is not the lack of rights or support; but the lack of responsibilities and consequences. Why give prisoners the right to vote; why not release them entirely?

It is a complete mashed up society that extremely-rights-activists-without-reasoning as bringing upon us with campaigns like this one. I campaign for Human Rights, but do not think that it overrides responsibilities and consequences.

When someone commits a crime that is worth a jail term, it must be understood that such is not a holiday. Jail is the consequence of that [crime]. It is the price a culprit pays even though in many instances, it is not enough [for certain crimes].

And this consequence comes with certain price; it includes the limitation on the right of association as stated in the beginning of this article as well as certain other rights. It is in this that the culprit takes responsibility to make up for the crime. And losing these may bring the lesson to bear.

Presently, prisoners are enjoying mini-holidays and should be strive to show remorse, change, improvement and fit to share our collective rights; i.e. voting.

And if any one [of us] commits a crime that defies that collective rights, then the personal rights will be affected while s/he is taken away to learn the lessons. The right to vote must go.

In fact, in this time of economic strains on the State, prisoners should be brought out to sweep the Streets, clean public toilets, cut grasses in parks and other public and community jobs while on supervision.

Only when people really taste a strong consequence for committing crime would crime begin to reduce as they may not want to go back. But give them more rights, and then the prison may not count as a wasted time but a place to rest.

It is great that Members of Parliaments has stood up for this simple common sense and defied the European Court of Human Rights. Now the Coalition government must do their best to stand it off. 

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