Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Olympic Park Legacy Company has backed the West Ham bid to acquire the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, East London after the 2012 games.

For the war of words that has ensued since the announcement of these two forerunners in the bidding process, one cannot but watch in utter amazement but with disgust how these self-centred money mongrels can be nasty and only financially motivated.

In principle, the Tottenham Hot Spurs’ bid was meant to fail. Not only was it being too confident, it was also being a slap in the face to all tax payers and especially Londoner. That after  7 years of preparations, expenses, chaos, time-constraints and just 6 weeks of use, Spurs would destroy the stadium. TERRIBLE!

Majority of people can only had the time months after the event and the entire visitors had left,
to go take a picture in the vicinity; but no, should Spurs had gotten it, then that dream wont happen for most Londoners, let alone other UK residents.

Nonetheless, Spurs are not any unique in this sin of destroying the legacy. West Ham may probably give a thousand and one excuse in the future to do just what Spurs were being open and honest about [in the bidding process]. Experience should teach any sensible person that these business men and their materialism can do anything to suit the health of their purse. For that, lies are easy.

That the bid is granted to West Ham is nothing but right. They are East Londoners and in the same Borough, so it makes perfect sense that they have the pride of making a difference in their own community.
And it shall be hoped that West Ham keep their word on the handling of the legacy structure.

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