Friday, February 11, 2011

Is There A Volcano Boiling Under The Coalition Government?

The events of the past few days within the Coalition government has not helped that rocking boat. The sea storm seems to continue with confusion brewing, though supressed by the key players.

These key players, of which Vince Cable is now on the benches and may not be used this season, are struggling to maintain a straight face. It is even worse when they know that the honeymoon is coming to an end and their famous mantra of "blaming Labour” is becoming boring to to the public too.

The fight has moved in-house, thus indicating that if Coalition government lasts this parliament, it may not finish with a party.

Well, in this week alone, top dogs in the Liberal Democrats have come out openly to condemn the very government their party is part of. They not only condemn it, but they denounce policies being made in their own name. Is there a sign here?

As reported by Jon Snow on Channel  4, Lord Oakeshott was 'shooshed' unceremoniously like a child and warned not to speak for the Liberal Democrats after he denounced and condemned the government’s Project Merlin.

The hidden threat in here is that the said peer is very close to Vince Cable, the Coalition’s Business Secretary who became highly famous after he threatened to owns a nuclear power that can bring down his own government; we are still waiting.

Going by the above, and such description as Mr. Cable’s friend now used to describe the Coalition’s Project Merlin - “arrogant and incompetent”-, would one be far from thinking there is a stronger storm in the ocean than we can see?

Adding one and one together, it will be vague to think that everything is alright. The Liberal Democrats may soon burst the government. There is a strong heavy volcano boiling beneath the sea bed; as the heat increases, it may not take too long before it erupts.

Are the spin doctors watching? I hope so.

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