Thursday, February 10, 2011

Human Rights And The West: Is There Really Truth?

The furore in Egypt in the last two weeks has once again exposed the hypocrisy of the world-police states. For some reasons, this blog has never accepted America as a beacon of Human Rights at any time and feels vindicated now that others are beginning to notice.

In the 17 days furore in Egypt, all America has done is thread carefully; not wanting to offend Mubarak, but also trying to pretend it supports the human rights of Egyptian to a proper democracy. Obviously, the United States does not.

While America has been in the fore front of condemning other leaders that are considered to be undemocratic nor respecting the rights of their people, it has kept mum, not just working with Mubarak all along and funding his army, even in this critical days, the USA has preferred to stand by their man. why?

Well, what with a
$1.2Billion investment in the Egyptian Army. The very army that Mubarak has been Commander in Chief all these while and used to terrorized his own people. What is the difference between Mubarak and Ahmedinejjad? Is Mubarak a saint compared to Mugabe? Fidel Castro or others whom America has condemned without a second thought and clearly want out?

The truth is clear; America is only after its own interests. And in achieving that, she can condone evil, support oppression, uphold dictatorship and invest in terror so long as the end result is gains for her.
But powers come and go. And very soon, the reign of America over the world will pass. Her sins, will find her out and it shall be an eyesore.
Mubarak has proved to be the real world Lord. At his time of trouble, all the powers of the world has stood by him; afraid to utter the word. What is the key?

Britain, the UN, Germany, France and all other countries that lead the war on respect for Human Rights are standing by and refusing to tell Mubarak that enough is enough. That 30 years is far too much for one man to be at the helm in a country. That 30 years as president clearly indicate an abuse of power. Where is the democracy and Human Rights these countries claim to protect and upheld?

images taken from Attending the World

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