Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Student’s Protest Prosecution Judgement – A Threat To Protesting?

The judgement by Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC in Southwark Crown Court to put Edward Woollard behind bars for 32months is overtly heavy handed.
While not condoning Mr. Woollard’s action and all other violence both by the students and police, Mr. Justice Rivlin’s judgement reeks of an indirect stifling of the rights of people to protest.

Although the justice did agree that it is the right of citizens to protest, his statement that his abysmal and tough punishment for this young man defeats that. In the judge’s own words, "This means sending out a very clear message to anyone minded to behave in this way that an offence of this seriousness will not be tolerated." That sounds like a threat to protest.

Edward Woollard’s action is simply unacceptable; period. But for turning himself in, for owning up and apologising, he deserves some decent forgiveness rather than being made a
scapegoat. Yet a lot of people gets away with rape, murder, paedophilia; in fact even in cases where is clear, judges claim they cant sentence them because they have no concrete evidence. We see them re-offend at worst level costing lives. But usually, they dont get life, or any such.

Of course, this snappy moment of madness could have resulted in the death of someone, but not even anyone was hurt. So this judgement would simply deter people from accepting responsibility hence stifling honesty.

But above all, this enormous sentencing for a young man who has barely become an adult, is nothing but a threat that protests would not be tolerated.

What punishment follows next for protesters? Beheading?

God save the Queen.

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