Friday, January 28, 2011

The Phone Hacking And The Missing Points

In reality, the phone hackers should be punished on just one shortcoming; if the News Of The World (NOTW) has that amount of hackers on their payroll, why did they not use it to save the Iraq war from happening?

Now the case is like this: had they hacked Saddam Hussein’s phones, and that of his cronies, it would have been easy to dismiss his pretence about a WMD that at last didn’t exist. Why did they these journalists not use their precious skill to save us the embarrassment?

The same blame also goes to the deceitful London Metropolitan Police (MET) which has either refused to investigate the issue thoroughly or has simply hidden what they found. By equation, none of the above excuse is good enough for the MET.

If they did not investigate the matter seriously, it could be assumed that someone in the MET was getting a benefit – obviously a financial one – to not take matters serious. In that light, the MET should be ashamed of itself for not knowing what to do doing what it should. That is inefficiency.

Or if the MET is culpable of hiding its findings, again, it amounts to an embarrassing inefficiency too. Whichever this turns out to be, all involved should be brought to bear the right consequences for such intrusion.

Such should go also to the various media institutions who directly or indirectly benefitted from that ludicrous business. The media institutions must not be allowed to make scapegoat of the very people they have provided with tools to make them dirty money.

Both individuals and institutions must be punished and bear their own fair share of the consequences.

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