Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Vince Cable Political Prowess Going Down The Saddam's Path?

As the 90s drew to a close, Saddam Hussein was sliding down from his apex, although not realizing it. Having fought Kuwait, ordered or encouraged ethnic cleansing, bragged here and there and pretended that he got the nuclear weapon, time was catching up with him. Like the UK Business Secretary, Saddam was pretending he will detonate, if pushed.

So here we are again. Rt. Hon Vince Cable, Business Secretary in the 'emergency' UK government has made the same threat as Saddam. In his own words, purely like mimicking the former Iraqi leader, the Business Secretary said if pushed, he will detonate his nuclear weapons and bring down the government. So we are all waiting... Does he really possess any weapons at all; nuclear or ordinary?

As it happened for Saddam with sanctions, the Prime Minister has trimmed the Business Sec’s wings and tried to disable him. In fact, as it clearly is now, no one is actually sure what the Business Sec’s remit is and what he can do.

So is he, just like Saddam, sliding down from his apex and gradually eroding without realising it?

The biggest mistake Saddam made was to not use the said nuclear weapons when the going got tough. Obviously, it happened that he actually didn’t have it. But also, he didn’t surrender before that time.

If the Business Secretary would learn a lesson or two from Saddam, he may save his own soul and hopefully redeem what is left of his reputation (if any).

And the lesson from Saddam would be; to either detonate his weapons now and make the best use of it, or surrender before the battlefield turns bloody. Otherwise, his political prowess, like that of Saddam’s, may perish in the twinkle of an eye…

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