Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1938Media Ceases To Exist

The founder and owner of the 1938media has just written the invention close. It seems to come as a surprise and on his blog, praises and pities are pouring in (as comments... ). Below is what I think;
Funny indeed. Its a pity it came to this but I am the least surprise. I always know and always believed that it is all a hype; and not just the social media, but the banking, the stock, the whole over-paid lot and empty-dangling-drums-of-nothing. It is all a farce. All everyone wants is to be seen; the pompous cheeky riff-raffs who has no real personality, and says us that substance is a by-goner. 
Unfortunately, the big computer-generated numbers would continue and many of the greedy lots, the fakeys, the empty shells, the social media actors like you Loren, will rather live that life to the end... dont worry, your betrayal of them wont do a damn damage; we've all seen it before. 
But congrats on realising yourself and we hope it is TRUE indeed. Because, sometime, this sort of seemingly real-confession could be another marketing strategy. Especially as you mentioned writing a book. erm... 
You deserve no pity and I tell you, most of those saying pitiful or praiseful thing on here barely meant it from behind their tongue let alone the depth of their heart. Its a world where people say things to sound nice. No one says the truth cos the truth, like you sound, is bitter and makes you a recluse in a world of lies.

Terrible isnt it?

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