Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wikileaks: These Materials May Be Of Interest But Obviously Not In The Public Interest

Many liberal thinkers and freedom fighters will support the openness that Wikileaks is insisting that governments across the world should have. However, the disagreement is whether the recent revelations are any useful towards peace ...

In the light of developments in the Middle East in the last decade and the handling of them by the so-called West, USA and Britain in the forefront, many people of fair standing had decried the self-actualizations that accompanied these actions.

So riding on the back of all that, most people would think secrecy isnt acceptable in dealing with the issues but only on the merit that those accused should be treated fairly and in public courts as innocent until found guilty. These demands all rest on the wish for the respect of civil liberties.

So the innumerable tons of materials now in the public domain which includes private conversations, governments’ businesses and briefings leaves so much to be desired. Do we, the ordinary people who demand freedom, civil liberty and fairness, really want this much information? Are they of use and would they really help the cause we want to pursue?

Come to think of it, Wikileaks documents are of interest but obviously not
in our interest. Yes, these materials are not in the public interest at all. If anything, it will breed distrust, disbelief, violence, less openness, and all what not.

While the supposed ulterior motives of Wikileaks to make governments accountable is great and admirable, it is rather confusing how objective they are with the amount and certain types of materials being released.

For instance, would the prodding on America by some leaders in the Middle East to act on Iran breed peace in the region?

Wikileaks may be in the business of working towards openness, but it has to not just think of the past and now, but of the future and the possible consequences of these revelations.

Wikileaks should not sacrifice the relative peace amongst the Middle East governments, countries and some other rest of the world on the alter of exposing USA and UK; it smacks of the lack of common sense.

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