Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wikileaks Exposes The Oppressions We Call Democracies.

While it could be thought on this blog that Wikileak’s US Cable materials are very interesting but of no decisive public interest, it is not in any way to think that governments, especially that of America is right in any way either to persecute Wikileaks or its owners in the way we have seen recently.

Indeed, an open government is what we all vote for and want... is it too much to ask for?
What baffles so much is; if America (and all other) government do not have anything to hide, why all the maddening and irrational attack to the point of seeking the head of Julian Assange, Wikileaks owner on a plate?

But these materials and their details may not be in public interest and as such does not pose any dangers whatsoever as America tend to claim. However, and even if so, Mr. Assange or Wikileaks has not done anything such as deserve this persecution. And where the government of America thinks Assange has done wrong, due process should be followed.

Justice or Jump-in?
It is completely shameful and disappointing that American politicians would be the one behaving worse than some proclaimed dictators… even Saddam Hussein would not react in this irate dragon style.

This whole ruction has revived the knowledge of internet wiz kids on what life really is. It is a pity that most of them were living in the fantasy that the
internet is truly free; well, sadly, they are just discovering the opposite.
Governments has always been controlled by dynastic interests. These interests have their claws in every business that exists and that include private, public and even some civil societies. If not, why would Amazon just cave in? MasterCard? Visa? Swissbank? Paypal? Etc?

It is a pity that such is our world. Would we ever be free? Would we ever have the right to exercise our natural rights? Those whom we put to serve us, in countries where democracy is supposed to exist, have turned round to hold us hostage and work for a mysterious master instead. They use the very systems that are supposed to be fair [in serving us] to taunt us; religion, government, politics, business, education, you name it.
For making these informationopen and accessible, Assange is being hounded and pummelled from all sides using all obviously unacceptable, unfair and unfathomable means. How could Sweden? When did rape charges become such that international arrest warrant is issued, even in a case that the accusation has been dropped months ago? Isn’t this an obvious witch hunt?

Julian Assange may end up in their hands and the wicked government of America would draw blood from him however possible, but the voices of the people will not ever be supressed.

The American Reaction
America which only in January accused China of suppressing freedom of expression when the later attacked Google is now leading the suppression and even the complete wipe out of that freedom from another? This is worse than an irony.

Framing all manner of accusation and charges to obtain their pound of flesh; from espionage to stealing and disseminating stolen document; from endangering lives to terrorism… but if they are being truthful, then the name for the charge wouldn’t need to be invented nor would new legislation be required just to charge wikileaks.

As ‘odious’ as Uganda anti-gay bill?
Exactly a year ago in October 2009, Uganda invented a new name to accuse and charge gay and lesbian people to death with. Along that came a new bill to be legislated into law for to achieve same. It will accuse gay people of ‘aggressive homosexuality’.

In reaction, Obama described that as ‘odious’. And now in the case of these leaked cables and trying to obtain Asange, is there anything different from Uganda’s process, style and approach from America’s witch hunting of Assange today? Senator Joe Lieberman proposes that a new law could be brought in to deal with Assange and Wikileaks even though he has suggested Espionage Act initially.

For Julian Assange, his must not be feeling any different from the gay and lesbian people of Uganda and elsewhere. This is simply ‘odious’.

Operation payback
But the oppressed would not always go down unheard. A revenge attack is always justifiable. And this is what Operation Payback has achieved even if for one day. If only oppressed people could rise up for only minute they have and inflict terror on their oppressors, may be lessons could be learnt in different ways. But it does not guarantee victory for the oppressed nonetheless. Because when the evil dictators return fire, Hiroshima would always pass for child’s play.

The other side of the coin
But also, one is worried to ask if all these are true. Is Wikileaks really leaking the truth? Did America’s sensitive data really got stolen? Who is involved in all this drama and what prey is the trap for?

America has its hand in all and everything. It has all the information in every country. It is the world’s police; the sinless fallen angel; the nation of ‘God’. Yet, it is America that leads wars on other states, occupy them, prop corrupt governments when her interests are served, ignore the suffering of the poor and oppressed, build military bases in all foreign lands, encourage capitalism, deny the rights of minorities in her own country.

It is America that continues propaganda for the same America’s interest. It is American that trashes ‘special relationships’ except where her wishes are met. It is that same America that hears nothing, knows nothing, considers nothing, accepts nothing except when her interest is uppermost.

Is there anything new in what America does? A nation that the rich always controls and are protected more than the poor. A nation where basic needs are used to keep the rich insatiably rich. A nation where the poor is seen as the source of wealth to the rich few. A nation that is founded on liberalism but operates on suppression. America as a state is synonymous with distrust.

Its movies, its business, its governance, its politics, its religion, whatever it does, it does to suit the rich few. All her actions are built towards self-aggrandisement.

Is this truth?
So according to the materials Wikileaks is releasing, America should not be trusted; I doubt anyone will. The cables show a massive amount of deceit by “God’s very own country”.

The States they told they are restarting their friendship (China), they go to the other side to prepare for to attack it should anything happen. The States they told they were working together with to wipe out terrorism (Arab states), they go behind to accuse them of funding the same terrorism. And worse still, the very state they have a ‘special relationship’ with (UK), they go behind to bluff and reject its requests.

Why would anyone trust America or trust this Cables? They may be truth but should not be taken as one until they are proven [when used].

But like big businesses that has ditched Wikileaks at the ring of a phone from American politicians, don’t be surprised, America may also have the inside knowledge of all the Cables as either fake or a trap for a prey we may not all find out until history is retold.

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