Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vince Cable’s Sell-Out On The Coalition: Smells A Fish

The reported backbiting by the Business Secretary in the UK Coalition government raises a kind of dust. And considering who is reporting, it begs for further weighing. Is there something we are not seeing?

For the famous Tory-graph (Telegraph) to be reporting something on the Coalition in this manner, it bothers on the fact that they have probably and finally been bought over.

The purported report script seems like another ‘Trick’ being used to shore up the image of the Liberal Democrats mainly towards their supporters. This is especially so since after the Tuition Fees disaster.

In redeeming the image of Clegg and his co-Sell outs in the Lib Dem rank, the Coalition government seems to have agreed to use all tactics possible in making people think otherwise.

These tricks has included the
recent U-turn on the Forgemasters’ loan and now the claim by Vince Cable to appear to challenge the Tories in the cabinet; utter gibberish. Let Mr. Cable detonate his imaginary nuclear; he will realise too late that the power button is not accessible to him.

Apparently, the coalition and the bought-over Lib Dems (cabinet members) are trying to ‘trick’ Lib Dems supporters into believing they are standing up to the Tories.

But the truth is not to forget that both parties have within their camps dissenters  to the marriage. And actions such as Cable’s are the PR ‘tricks’ being used to lure those dissenters to give up their opposition.

If Vince Cable or any of his ilk in the Liberal Democrats’ camp could declare where they stand, it would help matters rather than playing terrible dirty tricks. And if his opinion are not part of the coalition blame and tricks, then he may soon be on his knees begging.

Raw smelling fish!

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