Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Men, Two Extradition Requests, Similar Offence, Different Outcome. Why?

So the Metropolitan Police in London received two extradition requests/orders in a space of one week; one from Sweden and the other from South Africa both demanding the handover of 2 men for offences related to women.

However, for one of the men, he has threatened the powers of world by exposing them and that power is furious. So like the wrath of God, the power must have its way and that man must not escape the wrath. All his sins must be brought to bear, spread out, conjured; even it means propaganda; if only to make him sound as guilty as Lucifer.

Julian Assange; accused of rape
In response to the Swedish extradition request for one of the men, the Wikileaks director Julian Assange was arrested by the London Metropolitan for a second questioning on accusation of rape of two women. Mr. Assange is still in detention and refused bail.

Although the case has been put on trial before and dropped by the Swedish authorities, it is bizarre and raises a lot of curiosity as to why an extradition has to be issued at the same time as Wikileaks was releasing the US Cables. Sweden can never escape complicity with American authorities who seem hell-bent on intimidating Wikileaks and currently threatening hell and brimstone.

But in response to the South African extradition request for the second of the men, Mr. Shrien Dewani, a British man who went on a honeymoon trip with his wife is facing exactly the same fate – at least in process – in a similar case.

Shrien is accused of killing his wife in a carjacking attempt in South Africa. The said taxi driver has given witness against Shrien. While the two men who ambushed the car has already been prosecuted and jailed.

In what seems like another version of the case involving Julian Assange, the South African Authorities has issued an extradition request/order for Shrien to return to face the guns for his wife’s case. 

However, as you may not imagine, Shrien who is accused of MURDER is granted bail but Julian, who is accused of RAPE is refused bail. Both men were arrested by the same authority in response to the same request and in the same week. Not that Shrien shouldn’t be granted bail, the question is why couldn’t Julian be treated in the same manner? 

What has changed and why the double treatment? Does the UK not have a process to deal with issues or are the police chiefs in UK a law unto themselves? 

In conclusion, it is either that the UK authority is responding appropriately to the Swedish authority because they are fellow Europeans hence ignoring the South African authorities by snubbing them and granting the other man a bail; they can call their bluff.

Or the UK authority is playing alongside America and Sweden ignoring their own procedure so to intimidate freedom of speech and uphold censorship by holding on to Julian Assange while following appropriate procedure in the South African request and releasing the other man who also has not been charged for any murder.

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