Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Julian Assange’s Sex Case: Imagine If He Had Been A Gay Man

Well, apart from the obvious sins against the gods of the earth for trying to expose them and their real thoughts? But anyway, the real story is rather much complicated when overturned.

Sex is the assumed evil which most ‘holier-than-thou’ heterosexual people verily hold against gay people. To them, being gay equals promiscuity and even being a sex predator. In cases, it has been seen where institutions, especially schools and the likes immediately ask employees to reconsider their place once it is learnt they are gay.

But here we see a heterosexual man in sex with different women [within a short space of time]. Not that it is an issue in the actual sense of it, after all, they are adults and I supposed, have carried out their fun in the privacy of their rooms. But what if the entire story was to be overturned and looked at from the homosexuality
point of view? Had Assange been a gay man, and had engaged in sex with two different men in that order too.

The discussion might have been and focused on the promiscuity of gay people rather than just a prosecution.
In fact, Assange would have lost all credibility and even that would have overshadowed the whole Wikileaks US Cable issue. And it may also have given credence to his incarceration and pitch more people against him than now.

Worst still, his present law team may have found it even more difficult to wedge in and defend the attack; surely wouldn’t have been that easy.

Anyway, that is the world our gay brothers and sisters live in; suspects, scapegoats, despised and still discriminated against. May be Julian Assange should still count himself a very, very, very lucky man and thank his star that he is not gay like some of us.

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