Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FIFA’s Corruption Is Not Only Financial But Also Discrimination

Blatter's remarks on gay people blurs FIFA

For all that you would expect an international organisation to be, discrimination would have no place on your wildest imagination. In fact, not just would you expect them to be tolerant, but also to stand up against discrimination and any ill that separate people.
But FIFA’s president has confirmed through his foolish remark about gay people – call it a joke or ‘passing’ – that FIFA, at least if not the organisation, its operators are a bunch of ill-mannered miscreants. Sepp Blatter’s remark could not have been worse considering his position and the organisation that is entrusted(?) to him and his cronies to run.

Media investigation has always pointed that they are financially corrupt right from his first election as FIFA’s president. And now, behold, the man has also confirmed that he is homophobic and discriminatory.

Mr. Blatter’s remark that gay people “should refrain from any sexual activities” is as odd and stigmatising as any homophobic attack. Mr. Blatter is not only saying that gay people should not refrain from sexual activities, he is in reality saying that they should not be themselves by doing ordinary things that other people do, like hold hands or express themselves or their opinion openly or be camp. He is saying gay people, couples or not should not try to book or share hotel rooms, they should not dine out together in a romantic way, they should not
wear distinguishing items, clothes or badges or hat or anything. Mr. Blatter’s comment is as emotionally damning as the past world wars attacks on gay people.
Although Blatter added: “We are definitely living in a world of freedom and I’m sure when the World Cup will be in Qatar in 2022, there will be no problems”. But given that he has taken a stance that gay people should not be themselves, his silly stance is giving a green light to Qatar and the rest of their kind to continue to violate and criminalize gay people. This is unforgivable Mr. Blatter. Not just apology, you do not deserve to lead an international organisation of any kind nor even claim to be a leader. Resign now!
Mr. Blatter has to go or face the wrath of gay people, their families and friends onwards. Qatar 2022 may prove the worse Worldcup ever due to this. If FIFA does not renounce this, they will see boycotting in a level that has never been recorded before for the game.

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