Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Coalition Government Blame And Trick Tactics

By now, any observers would have understood the system of the UK Coalition government; it seems quite easy once critically analysed. The style is blame and trick of course…

The blame tactics is very common and we are all used to it… in fact, it is so obvious even idiots now found it very boring.

But the trick tactics, just like tricks is quite cunning and very subtly pervasive. Instances of it abound since even before the election was complete. The list below shows the few places where either or both styles has been applied:
  • Forgemasters: Blame was used to cut off Loan; Trick is being applied applied to use it to dampen tuition fees mistake by the Liberal Democrats.
  • Milk for children in school: Blame was used by Anne Milton to want to cancel this. Trick was used by the Prime Minister to re-instate it.
  • Defence budget cut: Blame was used by Liam Fox to attack this and Trick was used by Prime Minister to defend it.
  • Tuition fees: Blame was used on this… we may see Trick in the future used.
  • Bankers: Blame was used to ignore this. Now Trick is being applied to use it to dampen and divert Tuition fees anger.
  • EU Referendum: Trick was used to start this. Blame was later used to stop it.
  • NHS Budget: was ring-fenced by Trick. Blame is being used to do the opposite now.
  • Education budget: same as above

But everyone wants the government to succeed thus it amounts to folly that the same government would chose ‘hide-and-seek’ to be relating with her people.

But the people are beginning to understand and will learn not to trust the government.

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