Thursday, November 18, 2010

The UK Time Concern... How About 45 Minutes Per Hour?

Last night or the one before in the parliament, MPs spent an enormous amount of time right into the last hours of the day debating (or should I say, arguing) about a change in the Clock shift in UK.

The debate, sponsored by a Scottish MP argues that Scotland will stand to lose, et cetera; I don’t see how. Another MP, from England refused to accept and dismissed the Scottish proposal as gibberish. But the minister of state maintained a peaceful arbitrariness without taking sides even with his one party member.

Instead, he encouraged the Scottish MP to go back and bring factual data, or whatever possible – I suppose he meant, the minister was asking him to bring daylight and darkness to the House; nonsense.

But come to think of it, stopping or changing the way the clock shift in at the end of autumn and winter won’t make any difference. How can it. What we are dealing with here is standard nature. Between the afore mentioned time, the Isles of Britain experience shorter day and longer nights, while the reverse occurs outside of it.

The above means that the attempt – I suppose this is one of the reasons – to have 12 equal hours of day and night is a dreamy wish. The only way that can be achieved is by inventing a clock that will apportion the daylight times into 12 short hours to fit and extend the night hours as same. 

So in  essence, the present roughly 9 hours of light will divide into 12 hours which mathematically will give us 45minutes as 1 hour. That means that the night hours will thus become 75minutes each. 

Within the 12 short hours, we can all pretend to have 60 minutes and do the same about of work... however, that will mean high productivity. 

Thus we shall arrive at work at the same time and do our normally 60minutes work in 45minutes even our lunch break. With such system and a clock that can interpret it, UK will be save itself from the confusion of time-change which in itself alone leaves us with nearly 72 hours loss as people struggle to adapt to the change and agree to the forward or backward move.

As for Scotland, I fear the worse. They might have to work even harder as going by this logic, their time may shorten to as low as 35 minutes per hour. 

Now ministers, politicians, and all the policy frat heads, can you get on with real issues and leave the time alone because none of your proposals is any solution, but would only throw us into a different kind of confusion and that will be triple the rate of current  confusion.

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