Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stonewall Made A U-Turn; At Least They Realised

The U-turn by Stonewall on the issue of marriage equality is a remarkable one. Considering their stance just a month ago, you would begin to know that they have come under unexpected fire and must have realised how isolated they were on the path they initially chose to tow.

And that would have been obvious even to a damn fool. When even their founders criticised their refusal to back marriage equality. And from every perspective, that singular decision simply defeats all other purpose Stonewall ever works for or have aspired. For an organisation that has been seen to as a flag,bearer in the cause of fighting for the LGBT community (although it does not singularly represent that community), it was shameful and would have nailed its
own coffin had it continued on that murky dark treacherous path against marriage equality.

Now that it has seen the light and turned from its fast lane to doom, it must be welcomed and hope that it has done so with all its heart and will work towards this issue with passion and dedication as in other issues of the past.

What will be useful now is for it to prove that it consulted anyone at all let alone 'its supporters' to reach this decision. But we will not press on this as it was clear Stonewall was being arrogant and irresponsible.

Now, it will be for us all to work together and show that united, we are more than conquerors.
Onward, the gay militant generation! Onward to victory.

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