Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembrance Day

During the Remembrance period 2010, a few tourists in central London stopped me to ask ‘what is this thing’ – pointing at the Poppy on my chest – ‘and why is everybody wearing them?’

It is amazing that the amount of people who join in the Remembrance Day period is so much as to make an impact. It is indeed great to see something that unites a country in such a humble manner; for this once in a year, regardless of class differences or other factors, a lot of people join in one dedication and submission to remembering those whose life has been shortened to keep the country we now enjoys.

The tourists got the news and were full of admiration for it. One said to me, “it is just wonderful, it makes me think everybody here is in love... this is very beautiful”; she is Spanish or from a Spanish country.  And yes, it is the sign of love.

As the actual day was celebrated yesterday, 11th November, this is written as a reflection on the impact those tiny little two-petal red flowers achieves. Like The Royal British Legion motto says, “shoulder to shoulder with all who serve”.

You may be against war, hate military power, may even hate statecraft, government, politics, an all that is related to organised officialdom; but whichever way you look at it, this bond and sign of unity transcends those and is about the factors that makes our today; our past, our future. 

The struggles we all chip in today could create the joy and peace of tomorrow; it’s only too bad, if we don’t.

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