Friday, November 12, 2010

Lets Talk Tuition Fees; Not Hiding Behind Blame Of Violence

President of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter told the BBC he condemns the violence and added, "This was not part of our plan."

Obviously, Mr. Porter would not accept responsibility for the maddening horror that ensued on Wednesday when his colleagues got overly frustrated and burst into an Armageddon destroying the Conservatives' party Head Quarter building. It was an appalling site, one that should not be seen amongst civilised people but yet, one that is inevitable for the fear of the unknown morrow.

Regardless, it is irresponsible for the authorities, police and politicians alike to claim that they didnt see such arrant violence coming; that is the most coward response anyone can give. In fact, to call a spade a spade, this appears to me to be the 'Starter' for the meal "we are all in..." together.

Watching MPs in the Commons stand to accuse the students outburst is not just disgraceful, it is an evasion of their responsibility. MPs should rather focus on finding a solution to the main issue: outrageous increase in tuition fee.

The violence, is surely a result of the frustration many [poor] students faces considering that a tuition fee of £9,000 is nearly as unaffordable as wanting to move into a palatial house in Chelsea from a hostel without winning the lottery.

The government must not hide under the blame of violence and shy away from the real issue. Tripling tuition fee in one swoop is nothing but wicked and a way to entrench poverty. Majority of students who will pay this atrocious amount will end up in unbreakable chain of poverty as they graduate with over £30,000 in debt. 

The government is also playing a very slippery game by telling the society that those who dont earn over £21,000 will not pay back; in essence, it means that such people will have a growing debt hanging over their head for longer and thus may never get out of it and so, may never become anything like raising a mortgage.

On another hand, in 5 years time when the first of these students will be graduating, it would be unexpected to think that graduates would still be earning as little as £21k minimum... then that tells us that this government has a stifling plan for the economy.

So it is not surprising that the government is now avoiding talking about the cause of the problem but rather hiding behind condemning violence. That is cowardice, that is irresponsible, that, is unacceptable and will only brew more violence and rage in no time.

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