Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Election Frauds

Just six months ago, Nick Clegg and David Cameron came to the doorstep of No 10 on the votes of many whom they apparently seem now to have duped. We saw the whole drama unfold and new that those promises were made on the basis of telling people exactly what they want to hear. Now is the harvest and the fruits arent getting any letter sour.

Deputy PM, Nick Clegg(far right) signs tuition fee pledg
The entire students that used their votes like free drink vouchers are now beginning to see that the night is still very young. By the time the show really kicks in, they will not just realize that they have spent all their vouchers, but that they are thrown out by a new door-man who doesnt recognise them.

I am sorry to hear of their predicaments and wish time can be rewinded; just for their sakes.

After today's damage of the Conservatives' Headquarters, it appears there is a long and terribly dangerous stretch ahead.

Let us pray....

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