Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are The Lib Dems A Bunch Of Opportunists?

As has been established, the Liberal Democrats were desperate to be in government; any government, if just to have a taste. But who would blame them after about 60 years in the wilderness... And having a very subtly ambitious leader was to get them to that but now in a context they probably arent enjoying.

Before the general election concluded, the expectations were that the Liberal Democrats would only do deal with Labour in the event of a hung parliament. That traditional thinking and expectation was quite made in the thinking and philosophy than the Conservatives is always opposite.

But for anyone who had seriously studied Nick Clegg in the run up to the election would have noticed that his opportunistic and ambitious zeal was bare. Once he started the 'injury lawyer style' advert, it was no arguing that he was desperate. That was confirmed when he feebly made 'pledges' on tuition fees.

However, in politics what is clear is that at the heat of it, the electorates always go with the one who says yes to their every wish. In fact, to succeed in politics, it seems the simplest way is to say yes to every voter's request; dont worry, they usually forget it after four weeks; but no no no Mr. Clegg, pledges arent easily forgotten like that.

Making pledges and thinking that the students will forget must be the greatest mistake. They would have forgotten if it was a mere promise and the unappreciated political rhetoric; but the Lib Dems toyed with the minds of those young people just to acquire their votes.

But not, the day of reckoning has arrived. Nick Clegg and his team do not have any merit to now give excuses. In fact, as a pledge, they should keep it regardless of what... Failure to and abstaining from the vote would be a double opportunism and betrayal. For something they believed, promised, committed to and propagated on for personal gains, it is an affront and a double sell-out if they should sit on the fence at the time of implementation.

Liberal Democrats MPs should not abstain from the vote but stand up for what they believed, were voted in and pledged their heart to achieving or simply declare they do not believe on it any longer.

It will be a shame if top politicians like Vince Cable do indeed abstain from that vote; and backbench Lib Dem's MPs will have this as their one opportunity to stand out and defend the supposed principles of the Liberal Democrat now more than ever. Standing up for what is fair, right, and above all, for their integrity and for their party, would go a long way to vindicate them now and ever.

If they abstain, David Cameron should watch out that he and the Conservatives may not trust or rely on their Liberal Democrats counterparts in the Cabinet. And this will expose the opportunism in the Lib Dems as a party of men and women who only want to pretend to be good not because they believe in it.

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