Friday, October 01, 2010

What Has Gone Wrong With Stonewall?

The fact that Stonewall, the very popular LGB(minus T) campaigner in UK is not supporting gay marriage is completely confusing and bizzare to many, not just LGBT people. In fact, those not affected in any way are just as baffled too.

Having read it in the papers, I was shocked to my marrows when I heard it from the horse’s mouth; Ben Summerskill, CEO of Stonewall saying one of or their reason is that it will cost £5billion to implement. What!?

So I asked myself; is Stonewall a Rights campaigner or the office of the
Chancellor? Why should Stonewall take the position of the government and leave the duty it is founded to do. It is bizzare and obviously absurd to hear such argument.

But my bafflement was captured in the words of Johann Hari of the Independent “we are making a demand to the government, it is left for the government to say no” Johann  added that it is somewhat stupid for a campaigner for disable people to be costing the wheelchair access, etc.
And that is the question that remains on my mind? When did Stonewall stop campaigning for the rights of LGB people and now campaigns for the cuts the Coalition government is making?
However, it was Michael Cashman, Member of European Parliament (MEP) who said it all when I was chatting with him before the Fringe meeting where Mr. Summerskill confirmed. Mr. Cashman said, he wonders where Stonewall is heading to and what is wrong with it to be taking this stand.
And we are all wondering, what is wrong with the admirable Stonewall. To me, it seems it has received prayers from Philippa Stroud; the Tory Parliament candidate who specializes in exorcising gay people.

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