Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tory & LibDem Coalition Govt Script

 "  the country now probably feel is that this is also a responsibility-evading tactics""

By now, you must have noticed and even got used to it. Its quite easy to adapt and
learn. In fact, it is so easy even a child can mimic it; but that is also because, it is childish. In a nutshell, it is called the blame tactics.

And to be sincere, governments are always good at blaming previous different government, so its nothing new. However, in the case of the new current UK Coalition government, it has become something of a folly. It is so endemic that current ministers of state are not able to give any answers to any issues instead, resort to answer every question with the same monosyllable: "the deficit the previous government left..."

Oh well, we have heard it. And come to think of it, aren't you there so as to find a solution and solve it? Isn't that what you told us you can do? Why not do that and face the job and provide answers to simple questions rather than repeat the same answer for every question; regardless of what the question is. Sincerely, it is getting boring and unconvincing now.

Ask the Foreign Secretary about international issues, he will retort the same line... The Prime Minister, his deputy, Secretary of State for Communities, for Equalities (Oh! that one is a disaster anyway), Defense, Home Office, etc. They all answer with one line: "the mess the previous government left.
It is pathetic and it raises doubt as to, if ever, this government and its ministers actually knows what they is talking about. The sound of it feels like a recitation. Each minister has been given this script to read over and over and learn it word for word. It is engraved in them.

But the other thing is the country now feel is that this is also a responsibility-evading tactics. The ball is in your court, but you still blame the other man for not playing it; piteous.

It is high time ministers get up and face the work they are supposed to do. Have answers to them and stop running away from their responsibilities. If they dont want to answer, then its of no use they are there. The previous government is gone; the responsibility is now with the new government to do the work. And they know that when they asked to be voted to do it; so why evading it now?

Lets stop the blame game; stop the irresponsibility of illusion as Vince Cable seems to confess last week, and face the game. Change things, but for the better and stand up the task of giving real answers to real issues. And dear ministers, if you cant do the job, please bugger off... call another election. NOW!

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