Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ken Livingstone's Betrayal In Tower Hamlets: Labour Must Act!

Livingstone campaigns for independent candidate Rahman
Whatever Ken Livingstone does now to support Abbas, the Labour party's mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets would make no difference to how people see it. In fact, it will make him look quite foolish and very idiotic. Was he drunk?

Regardless of the brew(ed)ing trouble in Tower Hamlets Labour politics, Livingstone in his capacity as a member of the Labour party's National Executive Council (NEC) should have tried to sort out this and offer his wizardous advice in-house than in front of the cameras. What a buffoon?

As for being important to the (London) Labour, I beg to differ. In fact, it is much easier to
deselect Livingstone now than it was to deselect Rahman considering the time-frame. I disagree that Ken got the London mayoral candidacy because he is any important but because there was not a lot of people come forward. Whether the case in Tower Hamlets was a mistake by the party or not, his approach is un-stateman-like; it is ridiculous and it is certainly and clearly unacceptable. It is only equivalent to Hazel Blears' resignation on the even of last European election. It is a smack in the face of local activists who are putting in all effort because of the party.

If Ken is not chided openly by the party, whether we win or not, it will send the wrong message that Ken Livngstone IS INDEED BIGGER THAN THE LABOUR PARTY. And that will be wrong for the 'new generation' focus.

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