Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is The Life Of An American Worth More Than The Live Of An Iraqi really?

What a wicked world we live in? And I mean, what an awful, devilish wicked world where wickedness is blatantly and proudly exhibited by those who happen to be manipulating all of us in the name of governance; distasteful.

Hillary Clinton's description of Wikileaks expos of the evil and wickedness of America's soldiers to Iraqi prisoners makes the shameful acts, a complete and utter soul-less issue.

How could she? How could she make such a degrading sentence all in the name
of national security? How could she have the conscience and confidence to speak so uncaringly about other humans? To say I am disappointed at the United Secretary of State is an under-understatement.
This response confirms that she and the state support these inhuman acts to go on so long as they are kept secret. Mrs Clinton should bow her head in shame.
Are those Iraqis not humans? Were their lives not endangered; even tortured? Or is she saying that the lives of those ordinary poor Iraqis are worth nothing and hence must not be accounted for?
If America wants sincerity, she would rather stand up against such inhumanity and torture, investigate the event and bring the perpetrators to book openly.
Mrs. Clinton condemned the revelation in ‘most clear terms’ because it could place US soldiers and other personnel in danger and threatens US national security as well as that of ‘those with whom we are working’.
However, the common sense the Secretary of State does not have – or have but refuse to use – did not tell her that exposing such level of evil and endangering of other people’s lives will mean no one does it again knowing they would be exposed.
I am appalled at her comments but far more wondering what the President, Obama thinks.
America should hang her head in shame, crawl on their knees to apologize for this soul-less act. Lives are worth same, rich or not; privilledged background or not; etc.
Anyone who knows her should tell her; that those Iraqis also wished that no one has endangered their lives so greatly that it is now story headlines.

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