Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Leader Of The Labour Party; Opposing The Cuts Isn’t The Toughest Task

Ed Miliband's first speech as Labour leader
And finally came the time; day, hour, minute and here’s the exact second… the winner is Ed Miliband

Well, it’s been 4 busy months and what could be described as harrowing for the 5 contestants of the Labour party leadership. They contestants have gone up and down the country speaking to the people, not just party members but also ordinary citizens. It has indeed been a great contest.

Unlike the last time in 2007, it was more competitive this time; from the indication of interest to this last day, the floor was open for any confident member to throw their hat in. The surprise however started when the hopefuls like Alan Johnson decided against running. But while the media was trying to create any propaganda they could invent, another surprise occurred when Diane Abbott announced her intentions to contest. 

Diane’s announcement was the turning point. It meant that for
the first time in British political history, a black British is contesting the leadership of a major political party. A job that would also mean the possibility of a black Prime Minister… Diane adds this to her credential of being the first elected black member of parliament in British history. But would she be the first black leader of a major party? …
Other candidates that half-surprised the people were Mr. Burnham, Ed Balls - taking the place of his wife - , John McDonnell, and Ed Miliband. The game therefore provided a ground for argument… nonetheless, for the entire bunch except the only woman being former cabinet ministers, it was hard to think of a striking difference.

Today however, after the debates, the tough job of trying to express differences in views, the party is now united as one from the five camps and ready to support the new leader.

The task for Ed Miliband would be to revive and create a formidable Labour party that will not just be about opposing cuts but that will return to its roots represent the people it was formed to. If this task is not met, Labour would run out of steam and be drowned in the mud of opposing cuts. Because the question will be, and after the cuts, what else or next?

Ed Miliband now has to show leadership, representation, revival, renewal and a strong grasp of the mission of the founding fathers of this one-time party of the people. And this could be easier to achieve than just opposing the cuts. 

If the task of renewal of promise and a return to the original promise is achieved, opposing the cuts will be just as easy. Because then the ordinary people will have faith in Labour again to believe that she is their only hope for a fair and just politics.

Welcome Ed Miliband. And surely, all support in this filled room today are ready to work towards that goal.
Stand up for the ordinary man.

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