Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Labour Leader, Ed Miliband Reaches Out

Sitting here listening to Ed Miliband, it is obvious that he is speaking to the people in this country whom the government should stand up for which is the reason Labour was thrown out. His speech is just the accurate proposal to winning vote again. It is impressive; the sound of it so far. But the issue isn’t just what we say but we will do.

In 1997, Tony Blair spoke in the same manner promising everything that made sense. Ten years into the promise, what worried the ordinary person on the streets or London and in the villages of rural England was not just war in Iraq, it was more about that sacred gap between the rich and the poor.
By 2007, the lowest paid persons in full time paid employment was barely able to survive let alone afford basic needs. Was it any surprise that Labour lost? The answer is a pure No. 

Yet, Labour stand the chance based on its record of fighting the for the poor and representing the ordinary man at the lofty place. But all these rhetoric need action. 

Looking at the current scenario, it is very obvious that Labour
can win again but the people will be waiting to see action. Can Labour be trusted again? Ed Miliband is making the proposals. He is reaching out.

When he leaves here, the assurance would be harnessed when the society begin to see the structures through new Labour policies that sacrifices lofty friendship and connections for the rain and shine of struggle with the helpless Commoners of this country.

"Let the message go out, a new generation has taken charge of Labour. And together, we will change Britain”, he finishes. 

The Job begins now.

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