Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Coalition, The Cuts & The Reactions

cutting without fallback will result in welfare reliance
Since the 2008 recession, the discussion on the political platform in UK has gone into a monotony: public spending cuts. It’s trumpeted to such a level, it simply portrays a recession in the brains of politicians.

And of course, without doubt, the political arena is in recession of ideas. The intensity of it left voters too confused and unconvinced that no single party was trusted hard enough to be given a mandate to lead. What that has left us with is a harangue of inconsistent decisions and I suppose more expenses in hiring advisers, setting up select committees in the Commons, etc.

However, the impact of this brain recession is the obvious: with the proposed cuts, nothing is said about avoiding it leaving a lasting legacy of a wasted generation of talents.

While most people thinks that cuts are needful because of the daily waste in government – and for those of us who work in the private or charity sector, we sure know the public sector wastes a lot – what we have not fathomed out is any arrangements the government is making to accommodate the piles of talents that will be made docile.

There should be a system to encourage self-employment, re-skilling, career change, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, etc.

It is pertinent that an enabling environment is also created alongside cuts so that those who will lose their jobs have the opportunity to achieve sustenance through any of the means mentioned above. This in turn will ensure that the welfare system is not over-burned if those most affected are not able to find an avenue to sustain themselves.

Today it’s the cuts with the people ailing… tomorrow, will it be the surplus but an ailing state?

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