Thursday, September 30, 2010

Assessing Labour Party Conference On The Issues That Matters

It has been wonderful 5 days of eye-opening experiences and endless discovery of varying political views. While most has focused on the 2 brothers who ran for the Leadership at the same time with one winning – some views has been quite inspiring and encouraging. However, as someone with the hope of seeing a fair and just world for the oppressed, I was pursuing an agenda for that throughout.

The highlight of the conference may have been the unity that the Labour party accepted the winner of the leadership contest, however, for equality, the highlight and which turned out to be a disappointment for me is the discovery that the Labour party could not assure Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered (LGBT) people complete [marriage] equality.

It turned out that most of the delegates who gets to
vote on this, have other things in mind. (I will be publishing the order of votes in a few days). While the votes chose very important issues, i.e. public services, Housing, etc, it is appalling that a one-out-of-four place could not be given to such issue as equality.

In a few days, I will be writing the new Leader of the Labour party and asking him what he intends to do about this particular issue and reminding him of his declaration during his campaign; I will be particularly asking him if the entire promises and most especially if the ‘new generation’ would really be ‘new’ or a recycled ‘new’.

If Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Labour is now old generation but achieved civil partnership and made those ginormous stride towards LGBT equality, would the ‘new generation’ advance on them?

Labour must not turn itself to a recluse for equality considering her achievements. I can already feel the shame this could be causing for Labour when the coalition government frontbenches taunt Labour for this singular delicate mistake.

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