Friday, August 13, 2010

Transport for London New Next Generation Train

Being ill isn’t something anyone enjoys… especially not when your brain cells seems dead and your internal system feeling like another planet to you.
So this morning when I heard of the ‘runaway’ train as it was happening, little did I worry about the danger it could possess in its bowels. In fact, for my stationary brain, this was London taking the lead again in the world.
Ok, calm down, Paris’ line 14 does run with no driver, but hang on, Paris’ line 14 is almost incomparable to the almighty London Underground’s very complex system and depth; of real trains driving on steel instead of tyres… goddam Paris metro; yes, that is what it is called.
Anyway, back to the issue, the fact was that a so-called ‘engineering’ train developed a mind of its own on the sophisticated London Underground and went on a jolly-wee 4 miles trip all alone. Awesome!
According the reports, tracks and tunnels were cleared for this next generation 'robotic' train as it ploughed
at hopefully not more than 35mph from Archway on the Northern fringe to the very centre at Warren Street all on the Norther line where it changed its mind and decided to stop.
One thing is sure, it could have been prepared for launching had it obeyed and stopped at stations. Apparently, the ‘robotic-behaving-engineering’ train went non-stop. So, we are denied this service.
But glad it was careful not to knock off anything and quite wasn’t interested in crossing to the Southside.
Congrats to Transport for London. We look forward to the second testing… But safety please

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