Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sexuality, Right or Left Hand. Where Do You Draw The Line Of Normalcy

Some people argue the issue of sexuality on the description of normal and abnormal, right and wrong, moral and immoral. But the question has to be asked; where do you draw the line between these descriptions? What justifies issues as normal, moral, right, or how do they fall over to the other sides? 

As agreeable by both sides of the argument, without sentiments, black could be white if only called so; no? same could apply to the rest of our definitions. But one thing springs to mind: are these definitions just, or are they our own personal sentiments. You may beg to differ.

And I will condone your refusal. But if heterosexuality is ‘normal’, is left-handedness abnormal? One should presume so. After all, the right-hand is the ‘normal’ hand [to] use in
every or most things. Yet little do we hear people being hanged, punished, criminalized or harassed in our current world for being left-handed. Is this a case partiality? 

For Christians, the bible maintained the ‘right’eouness of God’s right-hand and the glorious strength in it. In fact, the man after God’s own heart never for once praised God’s left-hand… probably God has just that one hand.

As a non-scholar of the rest of the relegated (or religion as you would prefer to call them), I do not hear any of them praising their God/god’s left hand nor alluding any miracle(s) to it. Yet, we are faced with a world where no one takes notice. In fact, in some Hadith, advices are given on right and left hand in the same leaning as Jesus did (see below)

And don’t try to defend sexuality with Leviticus because after that covenant (Leviticus) has been done away with, in the present covenant when Jesus explained the judgement day, he omitted homosexuals from sinners but actually put sinners under the umbrella of the left – see Matthew 25 verse 41

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