Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Racism Affects All; Not The Prerogated Plague of Blacks

This article is in response to the blog in the picture below. Click on the following url link to read the said article.

This is factually wrong and have all the sounds...
nice blog... but again, I beg to differ a little. Racism is there indeed but affects everyone; white and black.

Its therefore unhelpful and ridiculous when we (all) prefer to see we (Blacks) as the only object of racism as if its a privilledge. The downside of this is that the Whites who (also) face racism from Blacks are nearly and totally not acknowledged. In this style, Blacks (and other acclaimed minorities like gays) go around being a total bully to the Whites (or other majorities like heterosexuals) under that cover of being the one most likely to be bullied.

The blog is also one-sided because it mentions gay sites where it blames some people writing things like "no black..." etc.
"Visible ethnic minority men and indeed women are not readily accepted into the LGBT community by all, in particular the gay male community of which I know myself. Even today, gay social networking sites have comments like..
  • Sorry, no blacks or Asians
  • Not really into Asian guys…no prejudice, just not my thing….
  • If you’re black or Asian, please don’t message me, nothing personal"
But what it failed to point out is that some black men also write the opposite on those sites; and this is common too. In fact, as a gay man myself, I know the opposition I face amongst fellow gay black for going out with a white man... That would be termed racism if it my [white] partner's friends and family oppose me so.

Also, wrong again is to claim that because the writer (mixed race himself) has not experienced homophobia from a Black or Asian, then it doesnt exist. Homophobia exists in all society.

"I know racism goes two ways, but in all my adult life and I have lived in 3 of the UK’s major cities (Liverpool, Manchester and London) I am yet to meet a black or Asian person who has been homophobic towards me or others or whom I have overheard be homophobic. To the contrary actually. It is often believed that this is more prevalent by visibly ethnic people because black people are mainly Christian and Asians Muslim. This I don’t buy."
This above is factually wrong and have all the sound of inexperience as if trying to prove a point. This is the sort of statement that makes gay Black people themselves ask someone to speak for himself and not for them. The only truth in this will be to say that the writer above has mingles with sort of Black people who accepts him and had hence has been selective (that in itself is discriminatory)... that is racism in itself.

Racism has no colour. As a black man, I can say I have never experienced racism from a White person in my 7 years living in the UK, but I have seen it meted to other Blacks (or the other way round) and so cant claim because it is not me, Whites (or Blacks) aren't doing it. But I can say that I have experienced homophobia from both sides of the coin [but see it as nothing].

In all, we need to find balance instead of taking sides just to make us look ethical, angelic or in line with popular tagline even when those are lopsided

Blacks should not JUST brag about racism but should also examine themselves and their responsibilities to be entrench as a part of society. Racism, like poverty will continue to exist amongst us but our reaction to it should not only be finger-pointing or judging others. We should be looking at how we, individually and collectively as a community or groups are helping fuel racism.

May be by our reactions and/or actions to others who are not like us in one way; by our service and contribution to our communities, our dedication to what makes us a society, our tolerance of others and the support that goes with it.

Do we enjoy being part of society without taking the responsibilities that comes with it? Do we enjoy not being bullied but subtly bullying others? Do we like being the centre of attention hence behaving in manners that lead to, inspire and encourage discrimination through our wish to stand aside, to keep to ourselves, to be more friendly to those like us and intolerant to those that are not? There are many faces, factors and causes that leads up to the big issue or racism or discrimination. Until we find our own fault-line, make amends, then learn to understand others and see how we can prevent certain outburst; racism, bullying, discrimination will continue.

Pushing the blame aside will NEVER solve it.

this article is in response to Max's 'View from the Bottom' blog

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