Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Tony Blair Trying To Buy His Redemption For Iraq War Mistake?

Today, former UK Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair makes the biggest single cash donation to the British Legion. Money said to be coming from the deposit and profits he will be netting from his soon-to-be released memoir. That is admirable… BUT!

One question that springs to mind becomes: is Blair buying his redemption? Redemption from the worse mistake of his career as a Prime Minister: the Iraq War.
Mr. Blair made the mistake that regardless of how much anyone admires him – and I am one of those – it is an obvious and irreparable mistake. Admired for his charisma, people-friendly, a WAO! factor in leadership style that drove the Labour party from being the people’s party to becoming the posh party, he succeeded to sweep the 18-year endless Conservative Party government out of No 10 with the biggest victory the Labour party has ever seen.

But that same friendship, trust and enchantment to the American government of George Bush jnr was to be his worse pilgrimage into charisma and friendship. Like Hans Blix, the Executive Chairman of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission ended up painting, “Britain was a prisoner in the American war train”… although one must not forget to always point out how Mr. Blix himself was the fire (coal) man on that American train.
As Mr. Blair made the announcement for his donation today, it beggars belief that just 5 months ago, he flatly refused to acknowledge any regret for the losses due to Iraq war. Not that I think it extremely necessary, but for a mistake as dire as this, I now think that such an apology would have meant more consolation to the affected families and the country than his millions of pound.
Come to think of it, Mr. Blair has not given ‘all he owns’ to make that point of a ‘sacrifice’; – like the boy in the Bible who gave his bread and fishes to Jesus to feed the thousands –  after all, calculations in the press show he earns as much as £9million a year but for realistic sake, over half of that is sure. From J.P. Morgan £2.5m, Zurich £0.5m, countless of speeches at over £100k for one, his £4.6m deposit and projected millions in profit is probably not a dent to his account.
May be, this is the second opportunity to make that apology to the country and accept that although acted on believed-WMD, he made a mistake. But he probably will not. After all, he can pay it off with money.
Guilty or not?

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