Saturday, July 10, 2010

Women Bishops Must Not Be Second Rate

The Anglican Church (of England) struggled through the issue of ordaining women in the first place. It took several discussions and at last, it was agreed and women were ordained into the holy order to minister the sacraments at the holy altar. Before this time, women can only be Lay Readers and must not step into the high altars.

Since that event, not just the church, but the entire people have seen the invaluable contribution of women as priests. They brought with them the motherly nature and have been essential in seeing the survival of the priesthood to this day.

With the progress and success of women in the clergy, it is no doubt that they can add more vitality and
assurance if they are let to grow freely. Hence the call to consecrate them bishops too.

However, it is completely dazzling that this should be an issue. If a woman can be a priest, what is the problem of her being a 'high' priest? As usual, the closed-minded [sinners of the church] who claim to 'preserve' the rules have flaunted the bible as the reason; but they are wrong, and they know it too. First, these conservatives do not abide by the Bible at all let alone by all its tenets. But that is another matter entirely.

It is therefore disappointing that the Anglican Church has continued to wallow in this non-issue all these years. The proposals by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to put women forward as lesser bishops in comparison to their male counterpart is very and totally derogatory, disgusting and disapproving.

Women should be bishops, and even archbishops. There should not be a cap on what anyone can reach or do in the ministry of Christianity or any other. According to the Bible, Jesus had 12 male disciples but it is revealed that he had more than that number and they include women. It was, as the same Bible puts it, to a woman instead, that Jesus did appear to first on his resurrection. And we know that the Christian faith regards the resurrection as the greatest event in the life of Christ. Because as it is said, without that, salvation is naught (and would not exist anyway); yet that the Christ chose to appear to a woman on the occasion of his resurrection is not just an approval but sign of handing down authority.

The decision to allow women consecrated is a step in the right direction and very welcomed by all people of goodwill and respect to the human person who promote equality.

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