Friday, July 23, 2010

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; One of the Visible Evil of Modern Discriminatory America

Disgusting, ridiculous, annoying, shameful, etc. are all very kind word to describe this America's awful and disdainful policy wanting gallant soldiers to live and remain a lie through the best part of their lives. At a point when these soldiers are doing what they most believe in and proudly wearing their national colour... it is just totally destructive and could mare their lives forever.

According to reports, the US Army has fired an estimated 13,500 soldiers since instituting this policy 17 years ago in 2003. Nearly all of these very selfless, dedicated and patriotic Americans where sent
away from the army with no honour; how could America?

This is the issue that continue to give the likes of Uganda, Nigeria, Mauritania, etc the gut to continue thinking that they can treat gay people the way they like including sending them to their death. This is one of the reasons America has no respect in telling these countries that Human Rights is necessary for democracy. Where is the democracy America?

Where is the respect for human dignity? Where is the liberty? Where, oh! United States is the unity?

If men and women who sacrificed their lives and all to defend their country would be forced to tell lies and deny who they truly are; where is the justice?

As Lt. Dan Choi becomes one of those discharged under this tyrant and dictatorial policy, one begin to wonder where America is heading… obviously away from liberty, justice and fairness.

Shame America, shame on you for the disgust you bring on Americans.

Shame on you for encouraging homophobia in your military and across the world.

Shame on you for eroding the liberty on which you were found.

Shame on you for rejecting reason and following dictatorship.

And I just ask; how dare youl how dare you question Iran or Libya or the rest for treating their own citizen in tyrannical manner? Where is the difference?#

Shame on America.

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