Friday, July 09, 2010

The Anglican Church Needs A Leader: Rowan Has Lost The Plot

I was once an admirer of Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican Church; but that has changed in recent years. I sincerely think that his lukewarm attitude is the worst thing for the present Anglican Church.

It is a church I (still) love with all that is me and regardless of being a non-believer, will support and defend in every sincere and progressive step it takes. But the present Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams isn’t getting it right. And not just that he is not getting it right – as we know right differs from person to person - but he is indecisive. He might as well not agree with many things but he
has to have a stand rather than trying to placate.

Rowan has made compromise and neutrality his key approach, but that is belittling for a leader and stands against everything that a leader should and could be. Take Moses (in the Bible) for instance; he was the greatest leader at the worst time with the tough-most job of his time.  Leading (an overwhelmingly unbelieving and doubtful)[the] people out of Egypt. Yet Moses did have a stand rather than pleasing the crowd. He never dithered.

And another leader, Joshua was same. But it was with him (Joshua Chapter 9) that we saw what a weak, doodling leadership can cause. So that on the one occasion that he did not take a stand, but allowed "the men of Israel" to make decision (see verse 14), that he got it wrong.

Leading is not easy and the one thing it requires most is the ability to be firm, decisive and fair but not neutral. Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, was against and presided over a church that did not (easily) allow gay people into the clergy, but his decisions were straight-forward, focused and sincere. As such, the church did not face a flurry of dissent.

If Rowan continues in this manner, I fear the fate of the beloved Anglican Church. It has always been a progressive church that's led the way in mordenisation from its very beginning. It has been a church that is always ready to face the controversial; and through dialogue always set the pace...

But in this time and under Rowan, the dialogues and disagreements of the past has been replaced by arguments and quarrels. Because the leader would rather sit and wait to see who's most angry so he can placate, while his only activity is to go round and beg the camps.

Rowan has lost the plot. The Anglican Church needs a strong, focused, sincere, serious, decisive and fearless leader who will show proper leadership by being active and directing his people through the help of the God he must believe in. Nothing less, nothing more.

Otherwise, if this church continues to grope in the dark as it has been in the past seven years since Dr. Williams took over, I fear the health of this great church will be completely destroyed.

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