Saturday, July 10, 2010

America, The Spies and Russia: Is This A Government Propaganda

Recently, we saw what seem the most exotic show of friendship between Presidents Obama of the United States of America and Medvedev of Russia. Not only did the Russian president visit US, signalling the beginning of a new era of peaceful bilateral relationship between the two countries, but also a personal friendship between the two leaders. What with the sharing of a meal in a bugger shop?

Funny enough, less than a week after the visit, the US Intelligence announced arresting 10 ‘alleged’ Russian spies. And in what seem like deciding the fate of a failed student, they were taken to court, prosecuted and eventually convicted of the accusation within a short space of time. Too fast the media was gasping to keep up.

But not just the events in America left everyone bamboozled, the response from Russia was rather too glib. Russia did not deny nor defend their alleged citizens. Turkey was roped in in a fashion too little to appear any serious. 

And when Russia responded, it was going to swap - yes, swap - spies. Apparently, it has been holding onto some ‘allegedly’ American spies all these years too. Now, it is giving them back to get her own. Discovering spies in a foreign country isn’t supposed to be child’s play; but this case was handled far too flippantly than a shoplifting case.

It is these processes and the timing of this event, the manner in which it was carried out and settled, the utmost indifference that surrounded it and the swift ending, that raises many strong questions;
  • Are the two countries using this to score a point?
  • Are they painting themselves bad to wipe it off again?
  • Are they trying to make the world really believe they are friends or are they poised on truly moving forward?
  • And has either of them done a good deal? Are people convinced?
  • And why swapping 10 for 4 when there are or could be more US spies in Russia – although we noticed too that the entire four bear no name resembling people born and bred in America.

This event smacks of cheap in-house propaganda by the American and Russian governments. But as hastily put together, it may hastily fall apart in due time. But only and if it does, we may never know the real truth nor the genuineness of it all.

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