Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Liberal Democrats Deceit In The Regressive Budget

Yes, the decision would have been tough for any party that had gone in; however, the difference is that Labour would have spread the cuts over longer years and thus avoids the stinging pains that this unbridled and swift cut would cause. Any 'real' adult who earns and manages his income can tell the difference between paying off a debt outrightly and spreading it over a longer period where the income is not enough to sustain an outright clearance. Isn't this the core formula that is behind buying/owning a home and paying mortgages? If anybody thinks it is better to cut and slash quickly, would the person also recommend paying all your income to your mortgage at once and see what happens?

The funny aspect is that Nick Clegg has played the 'old party'
more than all the 'old parties' put together. It is completely alright to blame the previous government and finding a new £10b hole, etc. But aren't we all tired of listening to the blame than getting the solutions? How is it that the same Treasury that advised and worked with the previous government has now identified this same hole it never mentioned and yet, the present government continue to trust and work with them. I would suggest that top officials in the Treasury be relieved of their position 'for conniving with the 'previous government' if that is the truth.

And finally, it is an eyesore and an undeniable deceit that the same Vince Cable who told the electorate how the Liberal Democrats could mend the deficit without raising VAT and instead raising tax-free money to £10k, and time without number assuring that fast cuts aren't anything near sensible, has today turned against all they once professed to believe and preached. But the reason is clear: Nick Clegg, like his Conservative colleagues are ambitious career politicians. So never mind, they may probably not contest the next election... let alone bother winning it. They simple have achieved what they personally wish and I praise them for that.

I think that what is useful to learn from them is how to be ambitious and achieve your goals... and not to worry who suffers in the process.

Where is the math book Vince Cable used to work out all his sums before the election? And why should anyone trust him if those sums has now turned out to be rubbish – Osborne and the Tories has subtly made us believe/see? I would take it Mr. Cable cannot be trusted now either.

The secret however, is that David Cameron and his team are happy to achieve the same old Tory but with the LibDems bearing the front line as scapegoats. Now, they all look, laugh and wink that they have successfully made a 'nun to have sex in the public while bragging about it'.

But Ed Miliband has rightly said in the Commons, "it takes a long time to establish a just and honourable reputation; but it takes a very short time to damage same".

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