Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Gaza Strip: Fighting and accusations is not a solution

The contest between Israel and her Arab neighbours is one that has lasted a life time. However, the irony of it is the turn it has taken due to Israel’s determination to defend itself but more so, to stamp its authority.

Since 1948 when the nation of Israel started, it has responded to all attack in a way that most people had not expected – by being strong and not begging for mercy. All effort since then has been futile as time and time again, both sides have refused to compromise. What this situation has resulted in is the constant and continuous loss of lives, and disappointingly even the lives of those who are supposed to be peace-makers.

So many in today, especially young people who are mad about ethics, and have taken social progressiveness into an entirely thoughtless dimension oppose Israel.

What we need at this time from people of goodwill, fairness and justice is a non-partisan approach to this endless war. Taking sides with Israel or Palestine will never bring solution.

Both sides have the right to defend itself but not just that, they have to be active in doing so. That alone is how to survive verbal or physical bullying. However, Israel’s extreme defence has seen it not just become a force, but an authority in a [near-negatively] impacting way.And this has left her the enemy of so many who would simply do not think rationality matters any more.

So those who don’t want the existence of Israel would be wiser to change that notion. It is as inhuman as denying the existence of gays, coloured people, etc. No one should have the right to deny the existence of another regardless of the crime. That equals to a death sentence. All sides should be ready to make compromise.

The roles Turkey and Iran are playing presently will not result in a solution. While it is nice and great to help and support those in need, it is far better to seek to empower them to cater for themselves. And this can only be achieved by creating and ensuring that peace is made through mutual understanding. But mutual understanding is not accessible by wars and attack. The efforts poured into attack and offence would yield lasting peace if restraint is tied-in to seeking empathy and agreeing that every living human has the right to existence.

Identifying and re-assessing the things that remain a hurdle to peace and wisely re-entitling them one by one through greater involvement of the affected people may be the key. Fighting and accusations would never ever bring a positive change; at least, it hasn’t in about 60 years.

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