Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Archbishop of Canterbury reveals his homophobia

Following the recent consecration of Ms. Mary Glaspool, the second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church of America, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams has finally taken a stand on the hallowed matter of homosexuality in the Anglican Church. Not that his position surprises anyone, but it is ridiculous that he is worsening the situation than improving on it.
The Episcopal Church in the United States has made strides and achieved a lot in the issue that he, for the past seven years remained imbecilic about. Mr Williams’ accusation therefore that the US Church has breached the so-called moratoria is ridiculous and lacks the affable Solomon’s wisdom. In fact, to go by the standard of stories told about Jesus, Rowan Williams sound nothing near to following the glorified Christ.
For an Archbishop that has been so weak, it would be thought that Mr. Williams take advantage of the brave, inclusive and 'god'ly-like decisions the US Church is making (for him). Looking back those seven long years since his consecration, it is disappointing what, if any little impact he has personally made on the Church or from his office.
Instead, Mr. Williams has maintained his subtle homophobia and an ingrained division without shame. In this time of great reformation for the Anglican Church, Rowan Williams appears to be the wrong man to be leading that Church. A Church known for its decisiveness and ability to provide God-like environment that welcomes all is today embroiled in a hide and seek game to deny people from worshipping a supposedly loving God that welcomes all.
But according to (their) bible, people like Rowan Williams, Ratzinger and their types will not make the decision on who goes to heaven - if one exists – or not. For that matter, they should be ashamed of themselves because on the rapture day when Christ returns, the authority they hit out at people now, would be grossly ignored by the ‘God’ whom they have zealous represented.

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